“Welcome New Puppy” Coaching & Puppy Training Walks are offered Monday through Friday. We start with a coaching session to review all things puppy, and make sure that you have all the tools that you need, to get you on the right path of puppyhood. During this session, we will review puppy basics, including:  crate/potty training, puppy home setup, walk schedule, nutrition, proper gear for walks, and behaviors to be expected. 

Coaching Sessions are available to you as needed, and are meant to guide and empower you to address behavioral issues as they show up, and as we work with your puppy. Coaching Sessions utilize a holistic approach to behavior training, and start with an assessment of your dog as a whole- lifestyle, daily routine, diet, behavior issues. Coaching is based on the following principles: the key to a happy, balanced dog is a mix of sufficient exercise, positive reinforcement, assertive leadership, and calm energy.

Once we have completed our Initial Coaching session, we then start your puppy on Puppy Training walks. During Puppy Training walks your puppy will practice mastering the walk, proper socialization etiquette, and reinforce potty training. Each walk includes change of water, feeding, and cleanup of any mess made in your absence. Once the puppy is ready, we then slowly transition to small pack walks, so that he/she can start to enjoy walking in a pack!

Puppy Training Walk – $25.00 per walk

“Welcome New Puppy” Coaching Session: 60 Minute Session for $100.00

*We offer Coaching Sessions for dogs of all ages, to help guide and empower you to address unwanted behaviors, and any issues that you may have with your pup. Please Contact us for a free consultation for more information.