Alexandra and Debra are the absolute greatest. We were so lucky to meet a local dog parent on a nightly stroll who recommended their walking service. We were using a daycare service at the time that just wasn’t right for our pup, so we figured we would give Really Love Dogs a try. What we didn’t know, but quickly learned, was that what they provide is not a walking service, but true love and care for our dog. Every day we are able to leave for work knowing that he will have a super fun walk with his doggy crew, and that Alexandra and Debra are taking great care of him. Our dog has been a much happier guy since joining this group: he started eating consistently and is much more comfortable when we leave for the day. It’s been a big relief — we wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend putting your loved one in the care of Alexandra and Debra. Their communication with us has always been excellent and we love getting our daily updates via text. It’s easy to tell when someone is just doing their job, and when they are passionate about their work. Alexandra and Debra are rare gems in this city, and we would emphatically recommend them to anyone. 

Rachel, Sam and their lovable pup, Morty